Kids Organic Clothing Company is a Triple Bottom Line Organic Clothing Brand Incubator with Sustainable Supply Chain Management

We Curate Children’s Clothing Brands for a Sustainable Future

Kids Organic Clothing Company optimizes the apparel supply chain and feeds sustainable apparel into the global children’s clothing market.

We are a mission-driven company that aims to reset the standards for children’s apparel by replacing conventional children’s clothing with sustainable alternatives thus addressing alarming industry-wide social, environmental and health impact.

The greatest thing about the dilemma we are in is that we get to reimagine every single thing we do ” – Paul Hawken

Our Guarantees

  • 100% GOTS* certified organic cotton fabric
  • 100% GOTS* certified fabric dyes
  • Fair-trade made in a socially responsible environment
  • Hand-made to last for generations

* GOTS: Global Organic Textile Standard

Saving Our Planet – For Our Children

Parents want a healthy planet for their children to grow into but unfortunately conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other single crop and epitomizes the worst effects of chemically dependent agriculture. Each year cotton producers around the world use nearly $2.6 billion worth of pesticides — more than 10% of the world’s pesticides and nearly 25% of the world’s insecticides. Just for cotton production!

Cotton growers typically use many of the most hazardous pesticides on the market including aldicarb, phorate, methamidophos and endosulfan. Cotton pesticides are often broad spectrum organophosphates–pesticides originally developed as toxic nerve agents during World War II–and carbamate pesticides.

Pesticides used on cotton– even when used according to instructions— harm people, wildlife and the environment. These pesticides can poison farm workers, drift into neighboring communities, contaminate ground and surface water and kill beneficial insects and soil micro-organisms.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that Infants and children may be especially sensitive to health risks posed by pesticides for several reasons:

  • Their internal organs are still developing and maturing.
  • In relation to their body weight, infants and children eat and drink more than adults, possibly increasing their exposure to pesticides in food and water.
  • Certain behaviors–such as playing on floors or lawns or putting objects in their mouths–increase a child’s exposure to pesticides used in homes and yards.

Pesticides may harm a developing child by blocking the absorption of important food nutrients necessary for normal healthy growth. Another way pesticides may cause harm is if a child’s excretory system is not fully developed, the body may not fully remove pesticides. Also, there are “critical periods” in human development when exposure to a toxin can permanently alter the way an individual’s biological system operates.

Organic agriculture protects the health of people and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply, and that are associated with health consequences, from asthma to cancer. Because organic agriculture doesn’t use toxic and persistent pesticides, choosing organic products is an easy way to help protect yourself.

Purchasing clothes made of organic cotton contributes directly to your children’s current and future health.